Great Toddler Activities

Active Play Ideas for your Little Dynamo!

When you consider how naturally active toddlers are, it makes good sense to have a few toddler activities under your belt that you can whip out in a pinch. While there is definitely a time for (and merit in) free play, you'll likely be happy to have some directed activities to help your little one focus on something specific and/or stay out of trouble! Like when the cousins are coming over, or it's time to visit great-aunt Lindsay and her six feral cats.

Toddlers need to move! It's how they become coordinated and healthy. It builds their confidence and helps them learn about their bodies and their environment. Whether it's crawling, walking, rolling, running, climbing, dancing, jumping or nearly all of these at once, (eep!) toddlers are often a blur somewhere in our peripheral vision. Even the most diligent among us have occasionally been surprised to find that wee Henry zoomed out of the room while we were putting a few of his toys away!

Once toddlers have had enough moving around (think large muscle groups, arms & legs) they are often ready for a brief period of calm sitting and focused attention. All the more reason to involve your little one in some fun toddler activities before mealtimes, car rides and even bedtime; as long as you give them a good 15 minutes to wind down before you send them to the land of Nod.

A quick word about safety:

Toddlers are curious about their environment and they are often faster (and more determined) than we give them credit for, so a toddler-safe home is paramount. If you are certain that little Sophie can't get into the garbage, tumble down the stairs or stick any curious wet fingers into electrical sockets, the next time she escapes your notice during an important phone call you'll spare yourself some unnecessary panic and additional gray hairs! If you need some tips around toddler-proofing your home, keep an eye out for our upcoming page on toddler safety!

Active Play:

Stop / Go games


Red light Green light!

Move to the Music

Music Mix!

Sleeping Bunnies!

(Uncle Jimmy is sleeping in the next room? Check out our quiet time toddler activities. Just because you can't make a lot of noise doesn't mean you can't have a lot of fun!)

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