Sleeping Bunnies

Preparation time: Sleeping bunnies need a burrow and some hopping room, so take a few minutes to clear some floor space!

Clean-up time: None!

Game Duration: As long as you like, but generally between 5 and 15 minutes.

What you will need: This game can be played on the spur of the moment with no props, or you can decide to create some simple and fun costumes (some ideas in our dress-up games section, and ourcrafts section).

How to Play:

Say the following rhyme, or sing it to a made up tune!

"See the sleeping bunnies until it's nearly noon,
come let us wake them with a merry tune.
Oh so still, are those bunnies ill?

Noooo, wake up little bunnies!
Hop hop hop!
Wake up little bunnies,
hop, hop, hop!"


  • Try pretending to be different animals to explore different movements! A giraffe walks moving both right limbs and then both left limbs! A frog hops differently from a bunny! Butterfly and bird both have wings but flap in a different way!
  • Add props and simple costumes to extend the fun for an older toddler.

  • Use the game to transition from one activity to another. Ten seconds of peace while your active toddler is "sleeping", can help you hop right into the next thing!

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