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Toddler Games and Activities!

Are you a parent looking for great toddler games ideas for your little one? Perhaps you are an early childhood educator looking to broaden your repertoire of toddler activities in your classroom? Are you simply looking for help because your 2 year-old nephew is coming for a sleep-over this weekend, and your cat barely survived his last visit?

toddler-open-armsRejoice, dear visitor, for you have found your haven! These pages contain a treasure trove of concrete ideas that are developmentally appropriate, easy to implement and fun to use. And here's the best part: We have used every single idea either in our home or daycare environments. If we didn't like it, or if the game or activity didn't get a toddler's 'thumbs up'; it's not on the site. Period.

This isn't to say that each and every toddler will fall in love with every idea you will find here. Just like their adult playmates, toddlers have their own preferences and can be influenced by their mood, hunger and fatigue levels. If a few toddler games weren't a big hit when you first tried them, don't immediately write them off as a bad fit. Try introducing them again at another time, perhaps in a different environment, and you may be surprised by your toddler's enthusiasm the second time around!

This site is organized in such a way as to make it easy for busy caregivers to find ideas quickly. The navigation bar divides the toddler games and activities into general categories meant to aid your search. Each game is presented with a legend detailing materials needed (if any) and time required to set up, play and clean up. You will also find tidbits of information on toddler development and practical advice on developing your own play skills.