Guess What!

An Exploration of Textures for your Older Toddler!

Preparation time: Preparation time for putting together your Guess What bag can vary depending on how many items with interesting textures you have at hand.

Clean-up time: Minimal. Simply gather your items and you are done!

Game Duration: As long as you like, but generally between 5 and 15 minutes.

What you will need: You will need a medium sized sturdy bag, that can withstand a little enthusiastic handling. It should be opaque, so that your toddler cannot see through it. You will also need a variety of common small objects found at home. Try a spoon, a key, a piece of string, a wooden puzzle piece, a crayon... Think interesting textures!

How to Play:

Ask your toddler to place her hand in the bag and feel around until she gets a hold of something in her hand. Leaving her hand in the bag ask her to guess what it is she is holding. Encourage your child to describe what it feels like and what kind of shape it has, but don't give the answer right away, let her talk about the object. You can also place your hand in the bag and feel what your child is holding, and then give clues and talk about what you are feeling.

When you are both finished guessing, let your toddler pull out the object and see what it was! Now you are ready for another go!


  • This game is similar to the Feely Box, but more suitable for older toddlers.
  • Encourage your little one to guess with no peeking, but remember to keep it light and fun!

  • Be creative! Include everyday things, not just small toys. Try grouping objects by theme, for example, things your child handles in the bathroom could be a bar of soap, a toothbrush, a sponge, a comb...
  • This game can be adapted to teach about textiles too! Try glueing textured fabrics (jean, corduroy, satin, wool) to cardboard pieces. Make two of each and you have a matching textures game!
  • Bring your bag outside and fill it with found objects, for example, a dandelion, a piece of bark, a stone, a pine cone, a stick...You can play the game, or let it be a treasure collection!

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