Feely Box

A Toddler Adventure in the Land of Textures!

Preparation time: Preparing your Feely Box can take more or less time depending on how many items with interesting textures you have at hand. See below for some toddler-approved suggestions!

Clean-up time: Minimal. Simply gather your feely box items and you are done!

Game Duration: As long as you like, but generally between 5 and 15 minutes.

What you will need: You will need a shoebox or an empty kleenex box and a variety of material scraps and small objects of various textures.

Try to find the following textures:

Rough (sandpaper)
Smooth (river-rock)
Bumpy (bubble-wrap)
Sleek (small blown-up balloon)
Squishy (sponge)
Firm (small ball)
Velvety (scrap of velvet)
Silky (an old head scarf)
Wooly (a mitten)
Furry (scrap of faux fur)

How to Play:

Place a few objects of contrasting textures into the box. Cut out a hole in the lid large enough to accommodate your child's hand, but not so large as to give away the identity of the contents. (This is why we like the empty kleenex box!)

Have your toddler place his hand in the box to feel the different materials. Ask him to guess what is inside! Talk about how it feels. It's okay if he just pulls out the object at first to see what it is instead of guessing, the important part is to keep talking about the texture.


  • You can take this game on the go! Give your toddler a Feely Box in the car, or at a restaurant, or in the doctor's waiting room! (Important: If your toddler is playing this game without direct and constant supervision - while in the car, for example - make sure all items in the box are safe and cannot be choking hazards!)
  • Vary a few of the items every time you play to keep it interesting!
  • Do you wish to extend the game a little longer? Gather your items and place them aside and begin with a box of tissues that isn't yet empty. Younger toddlers will absolutely love helping to empty the kleenex box. Somehow the magic of another tissue popping up just never gets old! Often the emptying will then turn into a busy time ripping the tissues, which is also a wonderful sensory activity, and involves only a little bit more cleaning up. Afterwards, fill up your empty box with your gathered items and begin the activity. (Warning: Full kleenex boxes around the house will never be safe again after this kind of play. Make sure you keep a few out of reach!)

Variation for an older toddler: You can vary the game by using common small objects found at home. Try a spoon, a key, a piece of string, a wooden puzzle piece, a crayon...encourage your older one to guess what it is with no peeking.

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