Super Heroes!

Our Friendly Caped Do-Gooders!

Preparation time: Super Heroes don't require preparation time; they are born ready! Hah! Right. For this activity, simply gather a few props and let your toddler's imagination do the rest!

Clean-up time: None. Well, unless the Caped Avenger gets a little too enthusiastic. We recommend that you put all breakables away. You can also take this game outside!

Game Duration: As long as you want, but generally between 5 and 15 minutes.

What you will need: A cape and some space to do lots of running (flying) or twirling around! Many baby blankets are just the right size and will make great capes. Aprons work too! Towels can be used but tend to be heavy and make an awkward knot at the chest. If you are feeling crafty, a square of lightweight fabric about a yard/meter long and about 24 inches wide will make a very nice cape. You can it around your toddler's shoulders or fasten it to his clothing. Besides the cape, you can use many other props to add to the super hero theme, such as masks, hats, gloves, boots, wands, etc.

How to Play:

Pretending to be a super hero will come naturally to an imaginative parent, but a toddler may need a little time to get used to it. In a few years, your little one will no doubt be very familiar with characters such as Superman or Batman, but right now he may not have much experience with the super hero concept; especially if he doesn't have an older sibling. Therefore, wearing a cape may at first seem a bit odd to your little one.

The following steps can help you introduce the idea:

1 - Tell your toddler you have something special to try on...

2- Show your toddler the "cape".

3- Try it on your own shoulders and model it a bit. (Do something silly, or play Peek-a-Boo).

4- Ask your toddler if they want to try it too

5- If your toddler gives you the green light, go ahead and put the cape on him!

6- Play! Run, chase each other and twirl around. Talk about how the cape feels and how you can see the wind you are making! Consider going outside with your caped one on a windy fall day!


  • It is important to introduce the cape because it isn't an everyday piece of clothing. Most children are happy to try, but toddlers are also in a stage of development where they need to make their own choices. If they do not want to try on this weird new thing, just reintroduce it another time.

  • Looking for a way to extend the super heroes activity? Try making and/or decorating a cape with your toddler! You can stick on shapes such as stars, polkadots, animals or your toddler's initials! You can cover the cape with glitter powder! Once you've applied the adhesive, your toddler can help you place the shapes. Have fun with it!
  • If you have a particularly patient pet, you could make a special cape for him too! Voil√†: instant sidekick!
  • Ask your toddler if he wants to give himself a special superhero name while he is wearing the cape. You can give your caped pet a name too. (Lookout! It's Fantastic Boy and Captain Sparkles!)

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