Everybody's Shoes!

Preparation time: A few minutes to gather some interesting shoes.

Clean-up time: A few minutes to put the footwear away.

Game Duration: As long as you like, but generally between 5 and 15 minutes.

What you will need: It is fun to have a variety of footwear: Slippers, boots, high heels, big man loafers, sandals, rain boots, etc. Try to find unusual footwear to play with also, such as flippers and ski boots!

How to play:

Let your toddler choose the footwear from the pile that you've gathered. Remember, the more variety there is to choose from, the better! Each pair doesn't have to fit (in fact, most probably won't!) but it is important that your child can put them on by herself.

When you see your toddler trying on the footwear, try to encourage her to walk around in them. It is great practice for balance and coordination! Let her shuffle around as best she can! High heels are fun because the little toddler foot often fits right into the flat part, and make a huge noise as your toddler stomps around.

Encourage her to try different movements while wearing her chosen footwear. Sliding, stomping, marching, jumping, running… experiment! If she chose flippers, suggest that she pretends to swim. If she’s wearing grandma’s slippers, ask her to walk like grandma. If she’s wearing daddy’s loafers, ask her to move like he does. Making this game movement oriented is key!

This game is lot of fun, so don't be shy to join in!


  • Older toddlers can begin to play guessing games, and guessing whose sandals, sneakers or flip-flops are these is a lot of fun! It can spark the conversation about what "character" they are dressing up as and what is the next piece needed to complete the costume.
  • If you wish to expand your collection of footwear - especially if you're looking for some unusual pieces to liven up the game - a visit to the thrift store will do in a pinch!

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