Hide and Seek!

(The Toddler Bath Version)

Preparation time: Hide and Seek simply requires a few moments to gather your bath time props and a few minutes to get some good bubbles going.

Clean-up time: None - unless things get a little too enthusiastic! Going out for the evening? We humbly suggest you change into your tuxedo or evening gown after the activity. It is bath time, after all.

Game Duration: As long as you want, but generally between 5 and 15 minutes.

What you will need: Lots of props to use in your Hide and Seek adventures! We prefer to use the animal and human shaped bath toys for this activity but you can use any safe bath prop you like. You will also need bubble solution.

How to Play:

Reminder: As with all bath time activities, constant supervision is essential!

Run a very bubbly bath. Once your toddler is comfortably surrounded by bubbles, set up a modest selection of objects on the edge of the tub, and plop them into the water one at a time. Name each one as they go in and remark on how they are hidden from view. (For example: There goes Mr. Bunny! Where is he? Is he hiding?)

Once you have put all the objects in the tub, ask your little one to find them. In essence, the toys are doing the hiding and he is doing the seeking. At first, he will likely find the floating props as they will be easier to find amongst the bubbles. Praise him when he finds one, name it, and place it back on the edge of the tub. This will also help him build his vocabulary.

If you use some toys that sink and he is a young toddler, he will probably need some help to find them at first. Help him by disturbing the bubbles to create a window inside the tub and point and exclaim when you have spotted a toy. (Example: Look! There is Mr. Cat! Get him!!!) Encourage him to pick up the toy on his own and give it to you - or place it on the ledge.

Once all the toys have been found, you can start over with the same or a different selection of toys, or you can move on to a different toddler bath game, such as Blowing Bubbles.


  • Get creative with how you put the objects in the tub. Use a piece of cardboard as a plank! Sing a little 'oh no!' tune as you plop them in the water! Have an 'evil bath prop' shove the other props into the bath and laugh maniacally! (Just make sure that your toddler thinks that this is funny - not unsettling or scary! You want to see him laugh!)
  • The more objects you use during Hide and Seek, the more difficult the game. Also - the more of your toys sink, the harder it will be to find them. Adjust the difficulty level of the game to match the capabilities of your toddler. There will be a big difference between what a young toddler and an older toddler will be able to do. It's fun to make the game a bit challenging, but remember to make it a success and to be very supportive and encouraging!

  • Oops...Out of bubbles? Don't panic! Try playing a variation of the game using facecloths to hide some of the props. The fun part about this change is that the soaked facecloth, due to its weight, can cause some of your floating bath time toys to sink!

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